Our kennel "z Irexu" was founded in 1992 and is internationally registered since 1994.

Currently, we are breeding Welsh Corgi Cardigans. In the past we have dealt primarily with dog training, breeding was only minor activity. We have bred three litters of German Shepherds, all of the females from Exa z Trávníčkova Dvora. The last litter we bred in 1996. Due to work and family circumstances, the period of our canine stagnation occurred. Our bitch Exa died when she was 14 years and 7 months in May 2003.

We already knew that our next family will be Welsh Corgi Cardigan. Of course we did not lose all love for German Shaperds. We first saw Welsh Corgi at MVP show in Brno 2001. MVDr. Lenka Černá (Corlan Gi kennel) was presenting her dogs there. Both dogs charmed us so we started to look for all available information about this breed. Since we did not find much information in books or magazines we decided to move our search to the internet.

We surfed for many hours on web and came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to import a bitch not related to any other dog in the Czech Republic. Also we were amazed with the black colour of these dogs. We contacted the kennel in the Netherlands, the one which was expecting a birth of puppies. So in November 2003 we travelled to the north of Holland, about 1200 km from our home. There we found our first female Cardigan waiting for us. Her official name was Floatin 'Double Dot, but the homemade name is now "Daisy".

After two years of our living with Welsh corgis we decided to enlarge our kennel and we brought from a south Netherlands a beatifull brindle dog called Ingvar v.d. Bockmühle. At home, we started to call him "Ivar". Our "corgimania" did not end up here and two years later we arrived from Poland with blue merle bitch we call "Dzeri" with offcial name Brawos Bis Dzierlatka Lisiura.

If you think about a dog friend we can only recommend this breed. This way, we would also like to say hello to all breeders of this lovely breed all over the world.

Marta and Jarek Fuglevič